Reconnecting With The Good Stuff

Healthy Seeds



Oats, among the healthiest grains in the world, are power packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants! Oats are loaded with important minerals like manganese, phosphorous, Vitamin B1 and B5.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the highest known plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids and are very nutrient dense. Just two tablespoons provide a massive 10 grams of fiber, one-third of your daily requirement. Chia is also high in calcium, potassium, and iron. Another interesting fact is that chia seeds which is a combination of protein and fibre also helps you lower your food cravings! . Who needs self-discipline when you have chia seeds?

Flax Seeds

Some flax facts: flax seeds are one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids and are high in fiber. But their unique and compelling attribute is that flaxseed is THE number one source of lignans, seven times more than sesame! It provides fiber, which helps you feel full and offers other weight-loss benefits. So munch away and see those pounds dropping!

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are super rich in copper, which is known for reducing the pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis. And if it’s non-dairy calcium you want, you can’t do much better than sesame seeds. One tablespoon contains 88 milligrams for good bones, good hair, good skin, good nails, and even a good night’s sleep!

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses wrapped up in a very small package!
Pumpkin seeds, rich with healthy fats (lending to the rich, buttery taste of All Heart’s products!), are an excellent addition to your diet, particularly when mixed with flax seeds. Our multi-grain and seed recipes do more than balance taste – they deliver a big healthy dose of nutrition

Sunflower Seeds 

Sunflower Seeds are rich in healthy fats,  have beneficial plant compounds and several vitamins and minerals. These nutrients play a role in reducing your risk of common health problems, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes - lots of good fat rolled into a tiny seed!