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    Healthy Snacks For Your Next Road Trip

    Healthy Snacks for Your Next Road Trip

    When you're stuck in a car for five hours straight, you might start downing a lot of aerated drinks and chips – because what is a road trip without a ton of snacks to munch on along the way?  But it's time to change how you eat and drink your way through road trips. To stay on track with your healthy eating while driving across the country, preparation is key. So before you pack up the car and strap yourself in, head to your grocery store and fill a few grocery totes with these healthy road trip foods. Some essentials you must carry:


    Nuts: Packed with protein, essential fats and fibre, nuts are a great source of protein. Just a handful of nuts (they could be seasoned with some flavour or munched on just like that) is one of the healthiest, vitality-boosting snack you could have. They are crunchy and just a few of them will fill you up for a while. Add some dried fruit to your mixed nuts and voila! You have yourself a delicious trail mix to dig into!


    Mixed Seeded Crackers: Loaded with 5 kinds of seeds and oats, All Heart’s mixed seeded crackers provide the perfect amount of salty goodness, while also increasing your metabolism and energy. Ready to be paired with a topping or enjoyed alone


    Hummus: Look for single-serving cups or packs. Scoop some Wingreen’s original or flavoured hummus with some mixed seed crackers and you have yourself a great low-calorie snack! We love the


    Popcorn: Aside from being lower in calories than a lot of other snack items, popcorn is a whole grain and provides filling fibre. Also, who doesn’t love popcorn?! Look out for different flavoured popcorn from Act II or 4700 BC.


    Sandwiches: The age-old favourite! Make a healthy sandwich by using healthy whole grain bread. Add some creamy peanut butter, jam and you’re good to go!