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  • Everything you need to know about why protein is important for women

    For women, protein provides the basic material for connective tissue, bones, hair, and nails.

    Bone health is definitely a concern that most women share, basically strong muscles make for strong bones, and for that you need protein.

  • 5 Tiny But Mighty Seeds To Boost Your Immune System


    During these unfortunate times, staying healthy and fit becomes a task due to the lack of healthy substitutes available. One ends up snacking on oily and fried food instead. Access to healthy snacks and bar may be an issue but we've got just the solution for you. Most likely, your kitchen is stocked up with essentials like chia, sesame, and flax seeds.

  • Why Do You Crave Junk Food at 4pm?


    You're hitting away numbers at work and suddenly the clock strikes 4 p.m. Before you can say "clean eating" you're midway through a massive block of chocolate or those bag of oily greasy chips. Unless you're a kale-eating unicorn, this has happened to us all. Many, many a time! But why do we crave junk food in the afternoon -- and what can we do about it? There are a few lifestyles and physiological reasons why we feel particularly nibblish at around 4 p.m is what dieticians say.

  • Oats : A True Superfood

    Why Oats Are The True Superfood

    Almost every food is being labelled a superfood these days  – everything from kale to avocado to pitaya.  But there is no scientific definition for the title "superfood" so it can be stamped on anything (And it is!). If one had to define the word “superfood” it would be a food that is a nutritional powerhouse and has enough evidence backing it's health benefits.